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Complete terrarium thermostat / automator

Complete terrarium thermostat / automator

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This thermostat will automate our entire terrarium, both the heat sources and the lighting sources, differentiating between day and night to allow that night temperature drop that most reptiles need.

It is one of the best on the market since, being dimming, it will send to the heat source only the power it needs to maintain the indicated temperature, thus saving a lot of electricity and extending the useful life of the heat source since it is not turning it on and turning off constantly.

We will put a light source in one of the sockets and a heat source in the other that does not emit light and we will indicate to the thermostat when the day begins and when the night begins, what temperature you want during the day and what at night and we are already we forgot to control all this.

During the day the light will turn on and maintain the temperature that we told it during the day and at night it will turn off the light and maintain the temperature of the night.
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