About us

About us? Our history

Scale area is much more than a store of products for reptiles, Scale area has been founded by Javi, a veterinarian who since he was a child has had many reptiles as pets at home and who, studying his career, realized that most of them Sometimes the reptiles that came to the clinic sick were due to mishandling, poor facilities or incorrect lighting.
This was because many of the owners of these pets are not well informed and advised when purchasing a reptile. There are a multitude of species that can originate from a tropical jungle or the most arid desert and we must know very well how to replicate these conditions in captivity, knowing what lighting, temperature and terrarium will best adapt to each species so that it can live with the highest quality of life. possible life.
That is why Scale area was founded, to be able to give the best advice when choosing among the multitude of products that exist on the market and that you, the customers, can rest assured that your pet is receiving correct care .
We are also an authorized zoological nucleus for the breeding of panther chameleons, a species that we are passionate about and that we have kept and bred for years.
For this and much more, do not doubt that you are in the best hands.