Panther Chameleon (Furcifer pardalis) authorized breeders

At Scale area we are a zoological nucleus authorized and registered in MITECO, so all our animals are perfectly documented.

Our ambilobe red bar line

For years we have been breeding and selecting a genetic line of Furcifer pardalis ambilobe red bar, one of the most colorful chameleons that exists.

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Our facilities

It is a room heated 365 days a year, with more than 25 terrariums and UVB lighting made up of T5 fluorescent tubes accompanied by hot spots for the sunbathing point and rain system, all automated. All products are ours, of excellent quality and durability, allowing proper animal welfare and therefore greater health as well as quality.

Future nosy be breeding project

We have high quality specimens of Furcifer pardalis nosy be that will soon be ready for breeding.

Everything your chameleon needs at a single click

At Scale area we know how complicated it is for beginners to choose the right terrarium for a chameleon, that's why we have created this collection of products where we offer you complete kits for chameleons at the best price, as well as other products that will be great for them. . Now all you have to do is decorate the terrarium to your liking!