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Daytime reptile lighting kit

Daytime reptile lighting kit

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UVB bulb
Spot power

Complete daylight kit for both desert and tropical reptiles. Includes 2 wired ceramic sockets, 2 clamp supports, 1 compact UVB 5.0 (for tropical animals) or UVB 10.0 (for desert animals) bulb, and a 25/50/75/100w heat spot. Combine it with one of our terrariums and get the perfect ecosystem for your pet.

This type of lighting works very well for animals that do not need high temperatures at night or that the ambient temperature of the room is sufficient. With this kit we are providing our reptile with complete lighting during the day, providing UVB for calcium metabolism, UVA for natural behavior and reproduction, and heat for thermoregulation as well as a liveable spectrum.

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