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Chameleon lighting kit

Chameleon lighting kit

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Tube holder size T5
UVB emission

Undoubtedly one of the best lighting for chameleons is the T5 tube and tube holder, which will emit high quality UVB radiation for calcium metabolism and bone development, as well as UVA for natural behavior and reproduction, and visible spectrum.

The kit also includes a lamp holder hood and a 100w heat spot (indicate in the comments if you want another power) that will create the sunbathing point that these animals need for their correct thermoregulation. Combine it with one of our terrariums and get the perfect ecosystem for your pet.

This kit is valid for almost any species of reptile using 5.0 in tropical and 10.0 in desert such as panther chameleon (Furcifer pardalis), calyptratus, Chinese water dragon, iguana, water turtles, crested gecko or even if you want to add some UVB to a leopard gecko or a snake, pogona, gopher tortoise, monitor lizard, tegu or uromastix etc.

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