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Desert lighting (pogonas, turtles...)

Desert lighting (pogonas, turtles...)

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HID bulb
ceramic bulb

Complete lighting kit for desert reptiles, ideal for pogonas, monitor lizards, tegus and many species of tortoises. It includes a complete HID equipment (UVB + UVA + Heat + Light) with wiring and ceramic cap power to choose (35/50/70w), A thermostat with probe and ceramic cap, a ceramic bulb (25/50/75/100/ 150w) and 2 clamp supports for the bushings.

In this way, during the day we provide our reptile with the perfect lighting with everything it needs and at nightfall the ceramic bulb will automatically turn on, emitting heat but not light, until reaching and maintaining the chosen night temperature, having our reptile in the best conditions.

Indicated for reptiles from arid or desert areas that demand a lot of UVB radiation such as pogona, land tortoise, monitor lizard, tegu or uromastix etc.

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