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Phoenix Worm (Hermetia illucens)

Phoenix Worm (Hermetia illucens)

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The Phoenix worm is one of the most complete worms in terms of food, this is because it has a high quality protein and low amount of fat, a very balanced balance of calcium phosphorus, large amounts of lauric acid, a compound With powerful antimicrobial properties, which helps strengthen the immune system of our pets, they do not bite, they do not have legs and it is difficult for them to climb to escape from the feeder. Thanks to its high concentration of calcium, it is not necessary to sprinkle them with a calcium supplement, only vitamins.

When the larva becomes black, it is the last phase before becoming the well-known "soldier fly" and it is in this black state that the greatest amount of calcium is concentrated.

All insects and rodents are fed with high-quality feed specific to their species and almost entirely their own garden vegetables , thus providing a very high-quality diet for our reptiles.

In addition, they will be packaged just before being shipped at the insect farm itself, thus maintaining their maximum freshness.

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