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Extatosoma tiaratum

Extatosoma tiaratum

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An incredible pet originally from Australia but raised in Spain, very striking as it looks like a dry leaf. When they are born black with red legs and head and very active, because they look very similar to the Leptomyrmex erythrocephalus ant. When a female Extatosoma in Australia drops the eggs on the ground, they are picked up by these ants and taken to their nests where the eggs are safe and with good parameters. When the eggs hatch, they quickly flee from the anthill so as not to be hunted by the ants and since they are very similar to them, they do not detect them and leave the anthill, in about a week they already return to their normal appearance.

At birth they measure 1.5 cm and as adults the males will measure about 9 cm and the females about 12 cm.

They will need a minimum terrarium 2 times their body width and 3 times height, with a humidity of 60-70%. They feed on brambles and rose bushes.

At birth they are nymphs (L1) and in the case of males they molt 5 times (L5) and females 6 times (L6) and they become adults living up to 10 more months in the case of females.

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