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Stick insect Lobofemora scheirei

Stick insect Lobofemora scheirei

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Impressive stick insect native to Vietnam but raised in Spain.

It is a very easy species to keep in captivity, they imitate a dry branch, which is why they belong to the group of stick bugs.

At birth they measure 1.8 cm and as adults the males will measure about 6.5 cm and the females about 9 cm. Its coloration can be green or yellow.

They will need a terrarium 2 times their body width and 3 times their height, with a humidity of 75%. They feed on brambles and rose bushes.

When they are born they are nymphs (L1) and they make 5 moults in the case of males (L5) and 6 in the case of females (L6), this takes about 5 months and they already become adults, living for up to 12 more months. If you have a preference for one sex, check availability.

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