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HID Full Wired Ballast

HID Full Wired Ballast

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A ballast is necessary for the operation of the HID bulb, it must be of the same wattage as the bulb. It is a complete wired ballast with ceramic bushing ready to receive it and plug it in.

The lighting of the HID equipment offers us quality light, seeing the plants and animals in vivid and natural colors. It will give us heat for the correct thermoregulation of our pets, UVA that will stimulate natural behavior and reproduction and UVB for the correct metabolism of calcium. We have all the lighting our reptile needs in a single bulb. With adequate power and distance, it can be used in almost all species of reptiles, being ideal lighting for reptiles in arid or desert areas that demand a lot of UVB radiation, such as the pogona (bearded dragon), tortoise, monitor lizard, tegu or uromastyx. .

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